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Weizen Beer Glass

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Weizen Beer Glass

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Appreciate your wheat beer in this 23 ounce weizen beer glass.


The weizen beer glass is defined by its tall, slim shape and beautiful curved lines. The design of this glass helps to display the many amazing colors and hues that a wheat beer may contain. The glass is designed to be tall so that it can capture the massive head that comes along with a great wheat beer.

The hefeweizen, weizen or weissbier are all different styles of wheat beers. They are all made from wheat, instead of the barley that is typically used in beer. Since these beers are so unique, they also deserve a unique glass to be enjoyed in. This is where the weizen glass comes in. It was created to capture the aromas, flavors and visual appeal that any great wheat beer brings to the table.

So go ahead and drink your wheat beer like it was intended. This 23 ounce weizen beer glass is true to the style. You'll never want to drink from the bottle again!

Weizen Glass
  • Height: 9 Inches
  • Width: 3.375 Inches

Customer Reviews

  • Perfect for Wheat Beer
  • Review by Dan
  • One of my favorite glasses, this is the best choice for your favorite wheat beer. Nice and sturdy with plenty of extra head space.
  • Reviewed on 9/2/13