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Irish Imperial Pint Glass

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Irish Imperial Pint Glass

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Enjoy a craft beer in this 20 ounce Irish Imperial Pint Glass.


The Irish imperial pint glass, also known as a tulip pint glass, is great for everyday drinkware. It is defined by its smaller base and larger mouth. The outward curve towards the top gives this glass its 'tulip' shape. A thick rim and hefty feel deliver real character to this Irish pint glass.

The glass offers 20 ounces of capacity, which is more than enough for most standard craft beer bottles out there. The narrower bottom of this tulip pint glass lets you hold it with a firm grip. It also helps to keep your hand from warming the beer because there is less surface area for it to touch.

If you're drinking an Irish ale or any almost any other craft beer, this is your go-to glass. The Irish pint glass will serve you well with it's durable and unique style. Grab a beer and try one out!

Irish Imperial Pint Glass
  • Height: 6.25 Inches
  • Width: 3.25 Inches