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Craft Beer Gift Guide

The holidays are here and it is a great time to be a craft beer drinker! With new breweries popping up daily and many more locations offering craft beer, it is easier than ever to find a good brew. We put together some gift ideas for the beer drinker in your life and maybe even a little something for yourself.

  • Craft Beer Gift Idea: Homebrew Kit5. Homebrew Kits As homebrewing is gaining in popularity, so are your options for purchasing a nice homebrew starter kit. They have become so common, that you can grab one from your local department store! That's a good thing for the craft beer drinkers of the world, as it promotes the art of craft beer. Once you have taken the time to properly brew your own beer, you can truly appreciate what each brewer has to go through on a daily basis. Plus, it just tastes better when you know you made it yourself!
  • Craft Beer Gift Idea: Bottle Opener4. Bottle Openers They come in a myriad of shapes, sizes and colors. They are readily available from many retailers. Most importantly, you need one to open up any good craft beer! Beer bottle openers make a great gift since you always find yourself reaching for one and they always seem to get misplaced easily. When you have a few to choose from, you can keep them available in multiple rooms around your house. As craft beer drinkers, we will never turn our nose at a nice bottle opener!
  • Craft Beer Gift Idea: Glasses3. Craft Beer Glasses Many beer drinkers just use whatever glass they have lying around or (Gasp!) drink straight from the bottle. Pick them up a beer specific glass so that they can enjoy their brew in style. It will also help them pick up on new flavors and aromas they never knew existed before drinking from the proper glassware. Choose from many different styles of craft beer glasses to suit any type of beer. They will thank you for it!
  • Craft Beer Gift Idea: Beer Savers2. Beer Savers These are crafty, useful and creative! Grab that special someone a set of these silicone bottle caps and they will be sure to thank you. These awesome little reusable bottle caps snap right on to any open bottle of beer. Beer Savers will keep the beer fresh in your refrigerator until you're ready to finish the bottle. Pair them with a bomber of your favorite beer and you'll have the ultimate low budget holiday gift!
  • Craft Beer Gift Idea: Beer1. Beer! What craft beer drinker doesn't love beer? Go down to your local bottle shop or grocery store and pick up a mix-a-six. Pick out some beers that look interesting to you. It's hard to go wrong here when you are selecting from the craft beer section. Trust me, any craft beer fan would rather have six mixed craft brews than a long sleeved shirt that is inevitably two sizes too big.

That's our list. Now that you're fully educated, go out and grab the perfect craft beer gift for the beer lover in your life.