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Craft Beer Glass Type and Style Guide

Finding the correct types of beer glasses for your craft beer can be a chore. Check out this guide from Craft Beer Ware on beer glass styles to make your choice easy.

Beer Glass Style Guide
Snifter Beer Glass

Snifter Beer Glass

Over 80% of what we taste is defined by smell. A snifter beer glass captures and enhances the aroma of your craft beer, allowing you to enjoy your favorite beer to the fullest extent. These glasses are commonly used for brandy and other spirits, but make the perfect pairing for strong beers. They feature large, round bottoms that help your hand to warm the beer as you sip. The top of the snifter glass is defined by an inward taper that helps to amplify the beer's aromatics.
Tulip Beer Glass

Tulip Beer Glass

Drinking form the tulip beer glass creates an intimate experience with your beer. The tulip shape of the glass helps to trap aromas that would otherwise be missed in other glasses. Tulip beer glasses are at home among malty beers with big flavor profiles. This stemmed, shapely glass is a perfect pairing for many craft beers.
Schooner Beer Glass

Goblet, Chalice, Schooner, Stemmed Abbey Goblet

These glasses feature a long stem with a wide, open top. They are often beautiful pieces of art with very detailed craftsmanship. A chalice beer glass often has a thinner wall than the similar goblet beer glass. The open top design of these glasses will allow the beer's entire aroma to fill the surrounding area. Goblets, Chalices and Schooners are most commonly used for Belgian style ales.
 Beer Glass

Mug, Seidel, Glass Stein

The glass beer mug is defined by its wide mouth, thick glass and sturdy handle. They are typically used with German style lagers. A seidel is a German beer mug which commonly features dimpled sides. Beer Steins are usually made from stoneware, but can also be made of glass. A more traditional style stein will feature a lid, which was originally designed to keep out flies during the Black Plague.
 Beer Glass

Pilsner Flute Beer Glass

This style glass is characterized by its tall, conical shape without a stem. The pilsner flute beer glass has straight angles, with no arc to the glass when it is viewed from the side. A pilsner glass helps to maintain the wonderful head of pilsner style beers. The narrow opening at the top of the pilsner flute allows the aromas of the beer to be in close contact with your sense of smell.
 Beer Glass

Stemmed Pokal Beer Glass

Pokal is the German word for cup. The pokal beer glass is very similar to the pilsner flute, but features a stem. The glass has generally flat sides and an overall slender shape. The typical use for this type of glass is German bock style beers. The glass does well with head retention and aroma presentation with these styles.
English Pint Beer Glass

Nonic Pint Glass, English Pub Beer Glass

The nonic pint glass has a bulge near the top of the glass that adds strength, helps cut down on chips, improves grip and prohibits sticking when the glasses are stacked. The nonic glass is the typical glassware that you would imagine drinking from in an English pub. It is generally paired with English style ales. The nonic beer glass is an imperial pint, which refers to its volume of 20 imperial fluid ounces.
American Pint Beer Glass

Irish Imperial Pint Glass

A pint glass with an outward curvature towards the top of the glass is known as the Irish imperial pint glass. The smaller base helps to keep your hand from warming the beer, while the wide mouth helps to accentuate head and aroma. This is an imperial pint, which means this Irish pint glass will hold 20 imperial fluid ounces. Irish ales are the classic beverages that are served in this style glass.
Willi Becher Pub Beer Glass

Willi Becher Pub Glass

The Willi Becher beer glass is tall with a flare towards the top of the glass and a thick base. This is the accepted beer glass found in most establishments throughout Germany. The Willi Becher is generally served with German style lagers.
American Pint Beer Glass

American Pint Glass, Shaker Beer Glass

The American pint glass is the standard beer glass used in most bars across the United States. Its original design was not for drinking beer, but for shaking cocktails. Therefore, it is also known as the shaker pint glass. These glasses typically hold between 16 and 20 ounces of beer. They are commonly used for American style lagers, but can also work well with American amber and wheat beers.
 Beer Glass

Stange, Slender Cylinder

The stange beer glass takes the shape of a tall, slender cylinder. Stange, the German word for pole, describes the overall look of this glass. Kolsch beers are typically served from this traditional German glassware. The slender shape of a stange glass helps to concentrate the hop and malt profile of the beer being served.
 Beer Glass

Flute Beer Glass

A flute beer glass features a long, slender body with a stem and a base. Carbonation is preserved for longer periods of time because of the narrow shape of the glass. The distinct styling of a beer flute will showcase the sparkling nature of lambics and beers with wine-like characteristics.
Weizen Beer Glass

Weizen Beer Glass, Weissbier Vase, Wheat Beer Glass

The weizen beer glass features a very tall, slender shape that will showcase the gorgeous colors of a wheat beer. The glass is narrow at the bottom with a wider profile towards the top to capture the aromas of the beer being served. It is the preferred glass for hefeweizen, weissbier or wheat beer. The tall nature of the glass allows for plenty of headspace to promote a thick, frothy head.
 Beer Glass

Oversized Wine Glass

An oversized wine glass can double as a superb beer glass. The open, round shape of the glass helps to stimulate your sense of smell as you sip. The large wine glass is typically used for stronger Belgian style beers. A wide bowl lets your hands warm the beer as the long stem adds style to your glass.
 Beer Glass

French Jelly Beer Glass

Originally intended to preserve fruit jellies, the French jelly beer glass also makes a wonderful craft beer glass. Witbier, often known as white beer, is a good match for this piece of glassware. The large mouth and slightly smaller base with flat, angled side panels define the French jelly glass.
 Beer Glass

Thistle Beer Glass

The thistle beer glass is shaped after the flower of the thistle plant, which is the national floral emblem of Scotland. This is the preferred glass for serving Scottish ales. It possesses similar traits to the tulip glass and complements the beautiful style of these Scotch beers.
Sample Beer Glass

Taster, Sampler Beer Glass

A taster beer glass is like a small snifter. These miniature glasses, typically under 6 ounces, allow you to sample new beers without worry of wasting excess. The shape of the sampler beer glass lets you get the full nose of the beer that you wish to experience while also enjoying the flavor profile.